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This page is dedicated to these amazing people who decide to come and visit my town via the dream suit or make a post about visiting my town. Thank you to all the people who decide to mention me in their online posts & visit my dream town, I highly appreciate it! I also post what nice things they said about me or my town or if they’ve mentioned me at all. If you want your photos featured on my this page from your visit to my town via the dream suite or a future WiFi party then contact me here. I also want to mention that I also edited some spelling that wasn’t correct.

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I stopped by Kiki’s town via dream suite and there was this cute ‘lil stand!

Soon after, Kiki arrived. I had no idea who she was at first, but then I realised it was the author from Kiki from meadow. I said we should go to my town, so we broke up.

After giving out prizes, it was time to do the crazy axe fight. But Kiki decided to use her toy hammer. That was fun, and at one point I jumped into the sea to save myself. Kiki and Amy were battling it out, and I just watched and ate popcorn like it was a movie.

With a borrowed wetsuit, we did tons and tons of swimming races. I won once, Amy won once, Kiki did too.

Blogger: Amy

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I went over as my character Violet for a change, since Kiki needed the sky wall for one of her rooms, and Violet currently has that wallpaper in her bedroom, so it was most convenient 🙂 Violet stepping into Meadow! What a pretty entrance ^^

After dropping off the wallpaper, she let me look around, which was nice of her since her town was under some top secret construction for a dream update! And at this point, the construction is long-over and the dream address is open to the public at 6200-2397-3562 — check it out 😀

Ahh what a cool tree-lined pathway to the cottage — and I love its exterior, too! I assume this might be the room the sky wall was needed for? It’s veery pretty, wow 😮 An impressive collection of villager pics, and what a cute way they’re displayed :3

Kiki even gave me a villager pic to take home with me—Freya’s! Thanks so much Kiki, that was really nice of you ❤ Thanks for having me over as well, and sorry for this late post on it!

I also went to visit Kiki’s town of Meadow recently, which was decorated in a Legend of Zelda theme! Sometimes I feel a little left out/uninformed when I hear about towns named after or inspired by locations in Zelda, since I’ve never really played those games, so I don’t know the reference. 😳 But what I do know is that this looks like a very well-done theme! 🙂

We also toured all her characters’ houses, and I thought this room of polka-dot furniture dedicated to Chrissy and Francine was a really cool idea 😮 Thanks for having me over, Kiki, and for letting me take some mushrooms home!

Then we went to Kiki’s town Meadow, which I’d only visited in a dream before. It was gorgeous to see in person, soo many hybrids! 😮 The entrance here made me think of Valentine’s Day.

Kiki from Meadow also came over recently. We had a nice chat and I gave her a silver axe and she gave me some fertilizer. 😀 Thanks so much! I’ll use it wisely, because who knows when I’ll get the Emporium, Gracie still hasn’t come to my town yet. >_<

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Mayor Kiki’s colourful town Meadow🌈
{Not hacked//WIP}
One thing I particularly liked about this town was how much colour it had! The placement of flowers and trees looked well thought out, along with the paths around the town. I also really like how you’ve decorated all of your houses! Overall I think you’ve taken a creative approach to landscaping and decorating your town and I almost can’t believe it’s a WIP since it looks so good already☺️
Creator: @kikifrommeadow
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