QR Codes

These are my patterns that I have created over the years of playing ACNL. You are free to use them if you like anything that I’ve created however please remember that I would like to be credited for any of my patterns that you use if you reblog them, use them for online blogging/anything related to ACNL. If you any of my patterns I would love to see them too! Either tag me as #kikifrommeadow so I can see your towns or comment on this page if you have used them in your town, I’d love to visit to see how you are using my designs!

Legend of Zelda Themed Town

Back in December 2013 my town had a “Legend Of Zelda” theme as I was playing Zelda games more frequently. I decided to create my town into a ‘Zelda’ theme for a little while but eventually I retired the patterns and used some other QR codes instead. (Credit to Amy for this screenshot of her visiting my town when it was in the Zelda theme).

Feel free to pause the slideshow to get whatever QR code you desire of this theme. I have placed a watermark on my QR codes as I do not want my patterns to be stolen or claimed as somebody elses when they are my own patterns. I also have a link to people that have used similar patterns to me as well for their themed town, you can find one here. Of course you could also use Zelda town tunes to combine the patterns to the town tune to make it sound even more epic, you can find a few town tunes here.

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Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask & Sailor Moon Dresses

I created this massive sailor moon tile pattern inspired by a YouTuber’s AC:CF pattern. If you’re a fan of the anime Sailor Moon I’m sure you’d enjoy showing these beautiful patterns off in your town. I’ve looked online for Sailor Moon tiles, more qr codes but I could only find the sailor scouts’ dresses. If you’re planning on making a sailor moon inspired town then I hope these come to some use to you.

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