Tips – Toy day *Spoilers*

It’s that time of year when your settling in with your family, drinking hot cocoa and un-wrapping your presents underneath that festive tree and celebrating a new year and the birth of Jesus. The question that Santa Claus asks you is, who’s be naughty and who’s been nice? Go and make a cup of tea and grab some biscuits! Winter is finally here!

In ACNL, Christmas is finally a holiday event that also appeared in City Folk where you meet Jingle and change your appearance to get rare Jingle furniture (Jingle furniture in ACNL can be purchased from T&T everyday of December) and maybe you’ll see a aurora in the beautiful festive night sky… In animal crossing new leaf, you can enjoy those moments again where you can meet Jingle; but this game includes a little twist! Before Christmas you’ll see Santa clothes in the Able Sister stores along with Kicks. You’ll need to collect all of these clothing pieces in order to do the “Jingle task” by dressing up as Santa/Mrs Claus. You can also buy Jingle furniture from the Timothy and Tommy stores on Main Street. Once you have got all the Santa outfit by the 24th December, speak to Jingle at night (around 9pm-12pm) and wear the Santa/Mrs Claus outfit to obtain the “mystery bag”. Once you have obtained the Mystery Bag try giving each villager the right gift that they might like. I recommend you make notes before the 24th December on what the villager’s want for toy day so you can get Jingle’s picture but in case you haven’t you can always time travel back to the start of December and make notes or you could try searching on google for the help on this task because it is very tricky and you may get your villager’s presents wrong. If you get all presents correct, you will receive Jingle’s picture. I will also like to add that if you get the villager’s Christmas present right you can raise your friendship points too!

Toy day is somewhat similar to a villager’s birthday too because villagers can get their friendship points raised a lot by giving them what they want for their birthday as a present! Toy day items are completely random and villagers will talk about different items each year.

Merry Christmas everybody!


Update – catch up

I’ve been REALLY busy with my town for the christmas preparations in landscaping and decorating the house interior and what I want for christmas in reality. I’ve decided that I’m going to get spirit tracks for christmas this year, what are you getting for christmas?

Apart from christmas preparations, I had my first ever WiFi with Will from Silkdale! We went to the island and did a few tours, I also noticed that he was collecting the Alpine furniture so I went to my town to go and get my alpine furniture and let Will catalog all of the furniture I had inside Candy’s house. I’ve only just noticed I was missing the Alpine panel but I saw it in my T&T Emporium anyway so I bought it on Kiki then I changed characters so Candy could place it in her house.


Thank you the lovely WiFi session Will! It was so good to finally play with you!

Dream Diary – アイカ

This is my dream diary of me visiting アイカ (Aika ‘village’). For those that are wondering what does the name actually mean? Well the name is pronounced “Ah-ee-kah” which sounds like the word “Ai愛” which means love/affection in Japanese. The name is written in katakana which a type of written style for Japan as there is also hiragana too that require kanjis. Children actually learn how to write in hiragana before anything writing in any other Japanese style.


Here are some pictures I took whilst visiting アイカ.


Update – Horror town 2013, information

Here is some information for you guys to chew on whilst visiting my (now closed) horror town of 2013 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!

Tess’ role & backstory.

Tess is related to Kiki in this story, she is a bright younger sister who is just 15 years old. She is very afraid of the “graveyard girl” She is very kind to all the villagers and is very popular. One day Kiki’s boyfriend Joel came knocking on Tess’ door crying “Something’s not right, Kiki won’t answer her door…” and the two travelled to Kiki’s house and she still didn’t answer the door. With Tess having the spare house key, she unlocked the door and was greeted by the eerie music of ‘I love you’ by the famous musician K.K. Slider. The pair searched the whole house to see if Kiki was sleeping… But she wasn’t they couldn’t find her anywhere. There was an axe on the floor next to a shadow but it must of been a hallucination. The back room was strangely blocked off so something wasn’t right. The last resort the two people could check was her garden at the side of her house but it was destroyed. The hybrids was destroyed, the perfect peaches turned rotten and what had been beautiful became unseeable. Her corpse was rotting underneath the ground of something that should of been beautiful to look at…

Candy, (also known “Graveyard girl”)’s role & backstory

Candy is 16 years old and not sweet at all. In fact, she’s the opposite. She is responsible for Kiki’s death as she is jealous of Kiki being in a relationship with Joel and she wants Dylan all to herself, so she murdered her and decides to go and force him to go out with her. She was born on the 14th February and she absolutely hates sweets and cakes. She murdered Kiki whilst she was cooking in the kitchen and couldn’t even be bothered to bury her body properly due to Candy loathing Kiki so much.

Guide – ACNL All Music

I’ve made a list of K.K. Slider songs that have been reborn into AC:NL or born into the game, I hope this guide helped you in case you don’t have all the songs yet! The total amount of songs in ACNL are 91 songs, have you collected them all?

K.K. Chorale, K.K. March, K.K. Waltz, K.K. Swing, K.K. Jazz, K.K. Fusion, K.K. Etude, K.K. Lullaby, K.K. Aria, K.K. Samba, K.K. Bossa, K.K. Calypso, K.K. Salsa, K.K. Mambo, K.K. Reggae, K.K. Ska, K.K. Tango, K.K. Faire, Aloha K.K. Lucky K.K. K.K. Condor, K.K. Steppe, Imperial K.K. K.K. Casbah, K.K. Safari, K.K. Folk, K.K. Rock, Rockin’ K.K. K.K. Ragtime, K.K. Gumbo, The K Funk, K.K. Blues, Soulful K.K. K.K. Soul, K.K. Cruisin’ K.K. Love Song, K.K. D&B, K.K. Technopop, DJ K.K. Only Me, K.K. Country, Surfin’ K.K. K.K. Ballad, Comrade K.K. K.K. Lament, Go K.K. Rider! K.K. Dirge, K.K. Western, Mr K.K. Cafe K.K. K.K. Parade Senor K.K. K.K. Song, I love you, Two days ago, My place, Forest life, Poundering, To the edge, K.K. Dixie, K.K. Marathon, King K.K. Mountain Song, Marie Song 2001, Neapolitan, Steep Hill, K.K. Rockabilly, Agent K.K. K.K. Rally, K.K. Metal, Stale Cupcakes (request only), Spring Blossoms, Wandering, K.K. house, K.K. Sonata, Bubblegum K.K. K.K. Disco, K.K. Groove, K.K. Jongara, K.K. Bazaar, K.K. Adventure, K.K. Flamenco, K.K. Synth, K.K. Moody, K.K. Milonga, K.K. Oasis, Space K.K. K.K. stroll, K.K. Island, K.K. Birthday, Hypno K.K.

Update – Forgotten Photos

These photos were on my SD card and I had forgotten about them… Photos treasure memories and they shouldn’t be forgotten so I decided to make a little post about them.

The kittens just love me! That's why my nickname is Kiki (I named my chara Kiki because it's my nickname...)
I won the Bug Off for the first time!

This photo just screams “YES!!!!!!”

Daydreaming!! <3
Daydreaming with Dylan! 😀

Ooh! Hammer Fight! Bring it momma! XD
Hammer fight with my mother! 😛

Yes... I have a Mustache! Well done you have found out. This reminds me of when Dylan had a pink pony tail XD
Yes… I have a Moustache!
Well done you have found out. This reminds me of when Dylan had a pink pony tail XD AH, memories…

The day I met Dylan! <3 Still remember that day ;)
This is the day I met Dylan 🙂 The day I think I’ll never forget when I made such an amazing friend who changed my life for a while.

Guide – Gardening

I, personally, just love gardening in AC:NL. They are so many choices you can do. You can chop down trees, create cross breeding spots, create flower meadows, create gardens and so much more. But do you really understand gardening? Well, it’s time to get our hands dirty and get some gardening done to achieve the perfect town status! (This guide might also contain spoilers!) So before we get any gardening done, let’s read about gardening facts first. Here is the order we are going to read though.

Fruit/Tropical Fruit, Bushes, Flowers, Bamboo, Money tree, Jacob Ladder, Trees, Grass Deterioration and Weeds.

Fruit is a common item that grows in trees in every animal crossing game. Fruit can be eaten or sold for bells. Each town has a native fruit that sells for 100 bells. If you sell some fruit at another town (which your fruit isn’t native at your friends town) you’ll get 500 bells. In new leaf, you’ll get perfect fruit which you can sell at Re-tail for 20% more bells then the Nooklings store on main street. However, if you sell your perfect fruit (Delicious Apples for Japanese players) at another players town and they have a different native fruit from you, you’ll get more bells. I sold 5 baskets of perfect peaches at Alice’s town and I got 198k! In new leaf there are more fruit available. There is 5 native fruits you can have, the variety are cherry, pear, apples, peach or oranges.

Tropical fruit are also fruit that you can get from the island, they are not native fruit which means they will sell for 500 bells each, they also cannot be perfect fruit. It appears only on Tortimer island and you can take the tropical fruit home to grow. The tropical fruit that you can get is Coconuts, Bananas (Only grow if planted on the beach) Lemon,  Lychees, Durians and Mangoes. Persimmons are available to buy at T&T Emporium after passing Gracie’s fashion check 4 times.

Bushes are a type of plant that first appeared in animal forest (game cube) and then later appeared in animal crossing new leaf. Bushes can be bought at Leif’s gardening store during T.I.Y or Emporium later in the game. To unlock emporium, you have to pass Gracie’s fashion check 4 times. In Animal Forest, the players can walk though the bush, however on new leaf bushes have been redesigned to look like the real thing. There are 4 types of bushes. White/pink azalea bushes, blue/pink hydrangea bushes, red/yellow hibiscus bushes, sweet olive and holly bushes. Each of these bushes blooms at different times. For example azalea blooms in April. It’s also important to mention that the red/yellow hibiscus bushes can only be purchased from the island, the guide below shows the flowering time for the bushes; (credit linked on the photo click to view the site, dates are American – MM/DD).


Flowers are a item that can decorate your town in animal crossing games. In all of the animal crossing games you must have flowers to create a perfect town. In animal crossing new leaf, if you have the beautiful town ordinance in effect villagers will plant flowers randomly in your town. There are 7 types of flowers in animal crossing new leaf. These flowers are lilies, violets, tulips, cosmos, roses, pansies and Jacob ladders. All flowers, apart from the Jacob Ladders, can crossbreed. You must be extremely careful whilst running during all times near hybrids and flowers. If you run near flowers, like hybrids, you could kill them. According to the animal crossing wiki, there will be a 12.5% chance that the flower will die. The only flower to go into the character’s mouth/teeth are roses but if put on the player wants to wear any of the remaining flowers such as violets, the character will place the flower into the player’s hair – this is also the same for dandelions and 4 leaf clovers. It is also possible to hold flowers like dandelion puffs, which is the wilted version of a dandelions.

Bamboo is a new plant that was introduced in animal crossing new leaf. It can be bought for 3k from Leif at T&T Emporium. Bamboo is very independent because when you dig holes around it for more bamboo shoots ,the shoots fall into the holes. If you don’t collect these shoots, they’ll grow on their own creating a bamboo forest. If bamboo dies it will prevent clogging up space for more bamboo to grow. Bamboo can be very useful for players to have as it sells for a lot of bells!

Money tree are a type of tree that first appeared on animal forest. It will only work if you have a golden shovel. You must bury a good amount of bells for it to work. For example, if I buried 70k (70,000 bells) my percentage of getting a money tree will be 70% and the percentage of not getting a money tree is 30%. This works on all games and is super easy to do if you have a golden shovel of course.

Jacob Ladders are a very unique flower in the whole animal crossing series.  It only spawns when the player’s town is in perfect condition. Once your town has been perfect for 15-16 days, you’ll receive a golden watering can, which on animal crossing new leaf it can water up to 9 flowers at a time. Jacob Ladders will spawn around the cliffs. If you plant two Jacob Ladders next to each other, they won’t cross breed. However if you plant a Jacob Ladder next to flowers that you want to cross breed  it increases the chance of the hybrid being created. A Jacob Ladder looks like a bell like flower. In reality, Jacob ladders are called ‘Lily of the valley’.

Grass Deterioration (also known as Animal Tracks [Japanese], Desire Lines or Grass Wear) is when the grass is being destroyed by the player’s moments around the town. If the grass deterioration is really bad, it could be impossible to find snowballs in winter. In animal crossing new leaf you can fix the Grass wear by time traveling. All movement on the grass will slowly effect it but running on the grass itself will do the most damage. Grass is the most vulnerable in winter and the most resilient during spring and summer. The only reason why it was brought into animal crossing was to create paths, but players may run away or run towards insects like scorpions, banded dragonflies and also giant petail dragonflies. If you place patterns above the damaged grass, it won’t affect it at all. It will stay as it is. Placing flowers and watering them will help, but don’t step on them otherwise it won’t effect re-growing the grass.

Weeds are one of the most common plants in the animal crossing series. Everyday at least 2 weeds will grow at 6 am everyday. In order to get perfect town you must weed everyday. Clovers make their first appearance in animal crossing wild world, but they are not classified as a weed. Dandelions and Dandelion puffs also appear as weeds in the non-GameCube games (like Animal crossing wild world, etc) but they serve the same function as a normal flower. A Rafflesia is also a massive weed that will appear when you have the worst town rating. You cannot remove a Rafflesia by picking it up or digging it up. To get rid of this weed you have to remove all the weeds on the acre. The Rafflesia is the opposite to a jacob’s ladder.

Diary – Perfect town

After a month of hard work, watering my flowers, creating more PWPs and growing trees… after being stung by bees countless times whilst cutting down non-fruit trees and growing durians instead… I decided to go my town hall to check out the town’s local citizen satisfaction and it said “Why it’s amazing, and I truly mean that! This town is simply the best! They’ve clearly worked very hard! This old man is really pleased” Isabelle also added “The survey also says the citizens feel like Meadow is the best town ever! Everyone just loves it here! Let’s both do our best to ensure that Meadow is always a clean, happy place to live!”

Do you know what that means? Meadow is finally perfect! *Does Shrunk Funk Shuffle*

For everybody that was wondering how I managed to get the perfect town status, feel free to check out my gardening guide for how I kept Meadow clean. I learnt about flowers, trees, weeds and how grass takes affects the player’s movements to the grass, etc. The best advice I am to give you is to keep your town clean – weed everyday, have no items on the floor, have a lot of PWPs and make sure you have a lot of flowers and trees.

Dream Diary – My trip to Aika Village. My first impressions and thoughts.

One of most popular famous horror towns of AC:NL, Aika Village has been always a “scary town” to me.

I heard it was a horror town when I found a forum about it on The Bell Tree Forums and yes, I decided to check it out. At 11pm I went onto AC:NL and went to Aika Village. I was confused by the fuzzy patterns on the floor, I thought my eyes went all fuzzy so I rubbed them and carried on exploring the town. I decided to sit on the town tree to view the history of Aika and I quickly found out that the creator of Aika Time Travels (TT) so there must be a explanation for TT’ing in the ‘beautiful town’. Looking around the 1st house was carnations of all 3 colours, white, pink and red. There was loads of Perfect Peach trees and Jacob ladders. Jacob ladders represent something perfect alongside perfect peaches (or delicious peaches in Japanese) I made note of this right away. I have no idea why there is repeated statues everywhere but the more I walked into this mess I thought that the statues could of been the mum because if you love somebody that much and that you appreciate everything they have done (like a queen) you could make a statue of them saying how much you love or honour them. In some patches of Aika some carnations was missing in patches, I got confused by this and produced though to the bridge. I found myself in such a sinful maze. There was sweets everywhere on grass floor. Could these be her favourite sweets and candy? As far as I know, Aika loves and respects her mother a lot due to all those statues of her possibly…? The twisted graveyard made me shiver. Hang on, the dogs died? There are enough dogs to be owned to everybody in the village… The police station was full of beehives, can you imagine getting stung by all of those… That may represent “pain” but I’m not sure.

In my opinion the creator of Aika Village is so clever to lay out everything, to hide the wetsuit as many people have been asking everyone where the actual wetsuit location is…. The layout and how everything is set out is beyond amazing. If you didn’t already know, there actually isn’t a story behind Aika Village. In a interview between Nintendo Dream and the creator of Aika Village (The creator is a boy, unfortunately I don’t know his name)  he announced that there is no actual story behind the dark village and the creator also quoted that the village is whatever you think it is… Dream Code: 2600-0218-7298 – visit Aika Village, you’ll be spooked out for sure!