Dream Suite Adventures

On this page I will be going to random dream towns that I see online or requested dream towns. I will post pictures of the dream town and my experience of going there myself alongside the dream address (and the blog URL if they have a blog). I would also like to state that this page may contain spoilers if you are about to visit this town or if you have not yet unlocked the dream suite.

The dreamy town of Lilium: 7E00-0030-ED6F // COMPLETE

Blog URL: http://wilted-rafflesia.tumblr.com/

Date of visit: 17th July 2017

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Here is the beautiful town of Lilium. It is a hacked town that is gorgeously submerged in pink beautiful flowers. I had no idea what I was about to prepare for when I visited it but when I arrived at the plaza I realised that this was going to be one of the most amazing towns I’ve ever visited via the dream suite. When I awoke there was two yummy vanilla and strawberry ice cream near the fountain which is where the town tree is originally meant to be placed. I saw so many public work projects that I wanted like the windmill, the bus stop… This town is just gorgeous all over.

Eventually after wandering around and admiring the scenery for a while I found myself at the house of Fuwa’s house which had an amazing imperial restaurant on the main floor, there was also a shop and a cafe. Outside her house is the town’s bulletin board which I thought is a nice feature because it looks so much prettier there rather then being outside the town station. The town was scattered in little secrets of edible food and items such as ice creams, good-luck rolls, fizzy apple juice. There was even a cute little sign saying “dive!” on it and below was two wetsuits, a pink one and a red and white stripped wetsuit. I didn’t actually go for a swim but I did go to the beach which I thought was just as beautiful too.

I did find the mayor’s house house which was really relaxing, it contained some rare sets like the Kiki & Lala set (sanrio, from Étoile‘s RV – Just wanted to say that Étoile means Star in French) and that the mayor had Chrissy & Francine’s pictures just like me however she has the pair in her actual town whereas I only have Francine but I do plan on getting Chrissy in the future.

The town is beautiful, the house exteriors all match up, there’s even a zen house to match the gardens all around it. I could go all day talking about how beautiful this town is but you should go and check it out for yourselves! The code can be found above.

The dreamy town of Sandy: 7B00-0061-1E70 // WIP

Blog URL: https://allaboutanimalcrossing.wordpress.com/

Date of visit: 17th July 2017

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After reading through Jessica’s (Jessnook) blog recently, I decided to go and visit her town as we haven’t even spoke or WiFied since the year of 2014. So I decided to go and visit her town of Sandy to see how her town is doing, she hasn’t posted on her blog since August 2015 too so it’ll be good to see how she’s been doing. I also want to say that there is obviously still work in place so I’ll keep checking up on her town every 2 months or so to see if she’s still active.

When I awoke at her tree plaza I saw who her residents were, she still has Zell and Purrl but she has some real cute villagers like Maple, Bluebear and one of my favourite residents Kabuki who sadly moved out of my town but luckily he moved into my spare town so he didn’t get voided. ❤

Before I entered her main house I decided to explore around her town and to my surprise she removed all her paths and demolished a lot of her public work projects and replaced a few around the town. I found a fountains surrounded by beautiful hybrids and a few bushes. There was another another similar garden but this time it was a fairy streetlight in the middle of the ring of bushes which was surrounded with hybrids. It made me think of Narnia due to a single lamppost being isolated by itself, how cute!

The houses had a lot of work in place so I’m not going to discuss them apart from I absolutely love Jessica’s main room, it’s gorgeous it reminds of the tumblr ! Oh and I love upstairs too, it reminds me of all them gorgeous but I can’t believe how much Sandy has changed since I last visited it.