News – Sister Blogs

If you’ve been reading my blog recently you probably noticed that on my last post that I posted that I actually have two more towns called Ivory & Serenity & I also have backstories behind them just like Meadow did once upon a time. You can find them here.

If you look at the two pages for Ivory and Serenity then you will discover that there are two sister blogs I created alternatively for this blog, I wanted to only post about Meadow, my main town on this blog whereas on those two blogs I will be talking about my sister towns – Ivory & Serenity. I have created Serenity’s blog but I haven’t created Ivory’s yet *wip as of september 2018* but hopefully it’ll be up shortly so keep checking on the pages every now and then!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my other towns as a alternative from Meadow, I will be still posting on this blog as Meadow is far from finished but I sincerely hope you enjoy the hard work I’ve put into these two towns!

Also, enclosed below is my first attempt of a GIF, it’s far from perfect but at least you can see a sneak peak of Serenity’s windmill alongside the stars & moon which, fyi, is what Eclipse is loosely based on. Enjoy!




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