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As you guys may or may not know I own two spare Animal Crossing: New Leaf game cartridges (three cartridges if you include my main one – Mayor Kiki of Meadow) so I have two towns that you can actually explore via the dream suite if you’d like to see what I’ve also been working on since I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging!

Ivory – Hacked Town

Ivory is a forest town which is a quiet village which resides with mostly cat villagers. Here the ground is mostly crispy, the weather is a relaxing downfall of rain. Ivory is covered in exotic green nature which plagues the town deeply as the whole town is littered in many trees and varies of plants such as Jacob Ladders, Clovers, etc. Be careful where you walk whilst exploring Ivory as there are some fairy circles hidden in the village!

About The Mayor/Residents

Mayor Fern has purple hair to match her outfit which she loves as she feels it matches her personality. Fern is a very quiet Mayor and she lives in the heart of Ivory, in the middle of the woodland village. Fern resides in a woodland cottage which smells like fresh lumber and perfect apple pie. Fern’s house is perfect to cuddle up and read a book in front of the fireplace as it’s interior is very relaxing and you’d feel drowsy as if a lullaby had just swept you off your feet, feel free to kick up your feet and relax as Fern’s if this made you imagination run wild.

Lily is a human resident who moved into Ivory shortly after Fern became the mayor and made Ivory into the famous woodland village it is now. She also is somewhat like Fern as she is very quiet and as like Fern, keeps herself to herself. She does like to go and spend time with her local animal neighbours and occasionally spend some time reading books with Mayor Fern whilst sitting in front of the warm cozy fireplace whilst eating perfect apple pie and breathing in the smell of fresh lumber from the firewood next to the fireplace that Fern prepared earlier on each day.

Ivory Backstory

Ivory was a isolated village until Fern adopted the town and enforced nature to spread it’s natural beauty which attracted tourists which adore it’s natural beauty. Fern is 18 years old and is the mayor. She adores natural beauty so most of her furniture is from fresh lumber she built herself and collects firewood herself from spare wood she used to collect to build her furniture with. Fern recycles whatever she can to keep to Ivory’s natural beauty to remain Ivory eco friendly so you will see Fern hanging out a lot near Retail to recycle her used items in exchange to recycle something else. Lily moved to Ivory shortly after Fern became the mayor and met everyone however she keeps herself to herself and is rarely seen leaving her house as she is an introvert.

Ivory is the latin word for the tusks of an elephant as the nature here is as strong as elephant tusks which brings tourists and attraction to the village, it also brings the residents together.


Serenity is a town based of peace and is the hometown of the star and moon residents. The queen and king are the gods of the moon and stars in this kingdom, the kingdom is truly stunning during sunset, nightfall and dawn. There is many secrets hidden in this village and there’s a surprise at every corner.

About the Mayor/Residents

(Mayor) Queen Eclipse is the goddess of the moon, the mother of Estella and also the widow of King Màni, she has navy blue hair to express the night sky, she resides in her main castle in the heart of the kingdom where Màni resided with her until his unfortunate sudden death. Her daughter is 18 years old and lives in a separate castle not far from where Eclipse herself lives, she is currently resigning her duty of ruling the kingdom and entrusting it to her daughter if she chooses to marry prince Orion who has recently proposed to Estella. Queen Eclipse has a very close relationship with her daughter as they became much closer following her late husband’s death which left Eclipse traumatised thinking her daughter could be next even though her late husband’s death is currently unknown.

King Màni was the god of the moon, the father of Estella and the late husband of Queen Eclipse whom is now widowed following his death. He was said to have an unbreakable bond with his wife and his daughter until his unfortunate mysterious death which left the kingdom in a deep depression on his funeral burial and since the news broke out as he was loved and adored by many. Will his family ever find out whatever happened to cause his sudden death?

Princess Estella is the daughter of Queen Eclipse and King Màni who are both gods of the moon and stars which also makes her a goddess. She is next in line for the throne as her mother is wishing to resign from her ruling duties since her late husband’s death which has caused her to want to hide away but only if she marries prince Orion she will become queen to overshadow her parent’s footsteps. She’s left her engagement in her bedroom in the box so will she say yes or will she refuse to overtake the throne?

Serenity Backstory

Serenity is a popular village based on the gods of the moon and the stars, the rulers are currently Queen Eclipse and was also King Màni until his sudden recent death. Their daughter is next in line for the throne but only if she marries prince Orion. Since the king’s death the kingdom fell into depression as the village grieved the king’s death which hit Queen Eclipse hard. Due to this, the queen wishes to resign and make her daughter, Estella rule with prince Orion if they get married. This puts pressure on Estella, making her feel like she has she to say yes to please her mother and the village. Will she say yes to make her mother and her father proud or will she refuse?



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