WiFi – An Eventful WiFi

Since my ex has started playing AC:NL we have been WiFing a lot with each other. I created his town pathways, his flag and I bought him GracieGrace outfits, we went to the islands to catch rare fish together and we played my favourite minigame together – the firefly catching tour!

Since his town is in summer and mine is in spring 2016 (My town was frozen whilst I was on my hiatus to prevent any villagers moving away) I can finally catch up on my summer encyclopaedia that he’s almost finished for summer. I managed to nab 10 Dorados, a few guppies, 3 piranhas and several other fish however I never managed to find a Arowana which I really need for my summer fish collection.

When he came to my town, it was throwing down heavy rain (not pictured below) and we managed to catch a bunch of Coelacanths! He caught his first ever but because I was sat next to him I accidentally pressed ‘let go’ and it went back in the ocean, however five minutes later we got another one! When he went back to his town it was late night and he managed to find a scorpion and a tarantula too. He caught both of the creepy crawlies *shudder* Well done!

The slideshow was screenshots from a while back but this was his first ever firework show and he enjoyed it and there are a few screenshots of my town even though it was a little messy when he came over haha.

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4 thoughts on “WiFi – An Eventful WiFi

  1. Hiya.
    A long time ago (like nearly 2-3 years ago? Lol idk) I posted some pretty mean comments and I wanted to see how you’re doing 😀 I’m really sorry for posting them omg
    I’m glad you’re great and better than ever! I was actually a little kid if it weren’t obvious enough when I said those mean things, aha.
    Anyways, you wanna trade Friend Codes, maybe? It’s ok if you’re uncomfortable, I understand your situation.

    1. Hello.
      I don’t still understand why you posted a lot of hateful comments on my blog if it wasn’t necessary, obviously you seem more mature now compared to what happened back then but what happened back then was totally not cool. You even started harassed my own mother by messaging her because you found my chatango account and all the chatrooms I spoke in, saying that you knew what I looked like and you pretty much broke down my self-esteem which has built up to me actually having a mental disorder up to which I’ve suffered from for a few years now, what you did to me left scars on my mental health and scared me from blogging for a bit hence why I deleted a lot of my old posts, edited all my posts and I re-typed them all up to seem more formal and not my ‘usual’ happy self because I can’t be arsed with any more cyber bullying.
      I don’t trade friend codes with anyone that I don’t know anymore unfortunately as my gates are closed 24/7 and that I’m too tired to play ACNL a lot of the time.
      I’m glad that you finally apologized for what you did but what you done to me a while back really hurt me deep inside as I was going through a really hard time myself in my personally life. Behind a blogger, they have their own private life – unlike most bloggers I was dealing with a very hard time which I don’t want to discuss publicly due to I don’t my followers to see what happened as it’s private but I dealt with something that should of never happened to a 13-14 year old at the time this was all going off. Hence my mental disorders.

      Thank you for saying sorry though, I’m sorry if this comment seems rather harsh but I’d rather just have my feelings out there instead of just sucking up my true feelings. I’m glad you’ve became mature and decided to say sorry 🙂

      1. It’s alright, really, i apologize for the mess I caused before. like, really
        i understand how you felt, if I were in your shoes I’d end up the same as well _(:’3
        i hope you still feel better now, and I’m glad you didnt ignore my comment lol

      2. It’s okay, like I’ve said before I really appreciate your apology and thank you for still viewing my blog. The past is in the past now and there’s nothing we can both do about it.

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