News – Catching the Coelacanth & Other Important Mentions!

finally managed to get my hands on the coelacanth whilst WiFing with mu ex in my town. Rod was in boxes and he recalled that he had Rod in his AC:CF (Or Lets go to the city if you live in the UK) and that he liked Rod so I let him adopt Rod. It was raining in my town and I thought to myself it’d be cool if we went fishing together as it was after 4pm as I knew there would be a chance that the coelacanth spawned in at 4pm; so we headed down to my beach and I saw a huge fish shadow. My thoughts were “Oh it’s just a sea-bass” but when I reeled the fish in it was my first ever Coelacanth! I literally screamed “OH MY GOSH!”, I was so stunned I couldn’t believe that the first fish I had caught just minutes after the time turned 4pm I caught a Coelacanth.

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I can’t believe I actually caught it, I’m so happy. Sorry if I’m over-exaggerating but I’m so so happy and glad that I’ve finally caught this super-duper rare fish!

Yesterday I unlocked my 2nd to last badge which was the balloon popping badge, I should of unlocked this badge ages ago but I am very very lazy when it comes to balloons and I personally hate the balloon furniture; I think it really ugly and I’ve never had any interest in collecting it so I never bothered with popping balloons if they only thing you get from them is either balloon furniture or a silver/golden slingshot.

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I now only have one badge left which is the letters badge that I never really bothered with either as I never really used the letters feature but looks like I’m gonna try and use that feature more to get my last badge!


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