A little Catch Up In Meadow

Since my last blog post I have unlocked a new badge and got silver on two badges. I unlocked the turnip badge (stalk market) and silver for the turnip badge too. I got the turnip badge by selling over 10 thousand turnips or something like that. I almost made 5 million bells profit by selling my turnips to my ex-boyfriend’s town of MayFall as his turnip price was 480 bells per turnip. I was so shocked I’ve never ever made money from the stalk market before because my retail turnip prices never go above 200 bells which really sucks. I also got a silver badge for my streetpass as I recently streetpassed with him which managed to get me to a silver badge, so thanks!

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*If you don’t know what streetpass is it’s basically where you 3DS/2DS is in sleep mode and you walk past another person who’s 3DS/2DS is also in sleep mode. If you streetpass with other ACNL players then you can obtain special items that you cannot obtain throughout the game like ordering them from Timmy and Tommy. If you streetpass with other players then you can obtain balloons, tweeters, ice cream and more cool stuff.

I also want to point out some also cool things that people may not already know…

  • If you have the Modern Clock PWP in your town, you may not already know what it’s function actually is. When an hour has passed (when your town tune plays) the modern clock actually turns into a rainbow hologram in the empty part of the clock. It’s actually really pretty.


  • In the welcome amiibo update, Nintendo added a feature where you can use items whilst sitting down now and you can now sit down on rocks. I think it’s rather realistic features and it’s pretty useful. The rock feature is a pretty sweet easter egg to discover too! (I decided to use Deena’s piano in this case because I always wanted Nintendo to add this feature in for some strange reason…)


  • When Nintendo added the welcome amiibo update, they constructed a campground to your town’s cliff. If you enter there, sometimes Harvey is feeding the birds, if you say “Hey Harv” to him then he’ll give you the item he’s using which is actually called “Beans” – which was only obtainable from Japan (Harvey only feeds the birds when it’s not raining*) Also in the campground at night you can do a campground dance if you press in front of the camp fire. You can also preform a movement where it looks like you’re warming your hands up in front of the fire which is also a cute feature Nintendo also added in.


Recently on ACC I managed to find a thread where you are able to obtain any ACNL villager you want for a price of 500k bells (which may be a bit pricey/ you cannot order Sanrio villagers like Holden and Chai as you are unable to adopt them). You can find the thread here. Due to that thread from ACC, I managed to obtain a lot of my dreamies such as Diana the snooty dear (pictured below). I also managed to obtain Cookie, Merengue and others. I plan on getting Chrissy hopefully next as I am trying to get Willow to move as I want Chrissy next to Francine.



2 thoughts on “A little Catch Up In Meadow

  1. It is cool to see you blogging again, Kiki, and really nice to see snapshots of Meadow again! ^_^ Congrats on the badges!! I considered it an achievement for me to finally get the Beginner Streetpass badge, but wow, you’re an expert 😮 That modern clock does look cute in that area, I like how it looks lit up next to the pink path and roses. Also nice job with collecting more of your dreamies!

    1. Hello Amy and thank you for the lovely feedback! Getting the streetpass badges are rather annoying 😆 it took me ages to get the silver one :p

      I was debating on whether or not to actually demolish it but I guess I won’t now seems that you think it looks nice there 🙂

      And thank you! Well… Thanks to AmyLase more like on ACC xD

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