Information – The Ram Editor & How To Hack?

The Ram Editor is a tool that any ACNL player can use by using Homebrew to hack their save files on ACNL to hack their game. I, personally, do NOT hack ACNL but I have got Homebrew installed in my spare 3DS as I may want to hack ACNL in the future. The ram editor can be used to;

  • Edit the town, such as the town name, mayor’s name, edit the acres/rivers/beaches/waterfalls and ponds.
  • Move buildings, rocks, and houses.
  • Change the town hall and train station colours.
  • Edit character’s names, gender, TPC, faces, inventory and rooms.
  • Edit your villagers such as the campsite (RV) and swap the villagers such as if I had Vesta and if I really wanted Chrissy you just swap them two villagers together.
  • You can do other cool things too such as get a tan in winter, put both police stations in your town, place the tree from the plaza anywhere, get all perfect trees in your town, change the grass type and even so much more like editing the island!

Before using the ram editor you should always create a back up of your save file just in case something goes wrong! You should also follow the instructions and FAQ when using the ram editor otherwise you may risk loosing your whole entire game.

It’s also important to mention that you may be banned from online features if you change the TPC picture or edit the island when using online features, so bare in mind when using club Tortimer and etc that players don’t report you.

To hack your ACNL, you’ll need the following requirements.

  1. (NEW/OLD) Nintendo 3DS/XL or a Nintendo 2DS
  2. Retail or downloadable version of ACNL (without WA update is fine too)
  3. Internet browser such as chrome, firefox, etc.
  4. Your 3DS needs to be at a certain update like 9.x or 10.x – pay close attention to when the ram editor or when Homebrew & Soundhax change their website as they make new updates to patch what Nintendo try to keep patching.

You’ll need to install the Homebrew launcher which allows the users to do amazing things such as use custom themes, play SNES games, play out of region games and so many other cool things! On the website, it explains what will you need to use and how to install the launcher. After that you’ll need to download an ACNL save manager which I’ll link here: AC:NL Save Manager

You’ll next need to dump your save file into a save manager. So you’ll need to open Homebrew, run the save manager, wait a few seconds, press to dump the save file then press to exit then turn the console off and put the SD card back into the computer. The next step is when you now edit your town, you’ll now need to open the save data file from your SD card with the save editor now. Once you’ve edited your town, save it and place it back into your console, go back into the Homebrew launcher and run the ACNL save manager, wait a few more seconds and then press to inject the hacked save file into your game then press X to exit the manager. Exit the Homebrew launcher and your changes to the game should be there.

Like I’ve said before ALWAYS make sure to make a copy of your save file as if anything goes wrong there’s a backup of your save file so you can restore your old save files.


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