News – Meadow’s New Dream Suite Code & I hack ACNL?

As older players of ACNL may know that the dream suite codes were reset when the Welcome Amiibo update launched back in 2016. Many players like myself was upset about the codes being reset, personally I was very upset as I had a lot of dream suite views, I managed to get over one thousand views, now that total is back to zero.

I decided to have a new dream suite code so that the readers of my blog and Instagram (@kikifrommeadow) can see the progression of what my town’s current state is like. My new dream suite code is 7B00-007A-7892, please come and visit my dream town and leave a positive rating!

Also last year (or maybe 2015), there was a ram editor that was discovered so that you can hack ACNL, these include changing the town name, changing the villagers to whatever villager you’d like, hacking items into the game, etc. I think hacking is very useful but I personally do NOT hack ACNL on my main town. If you’d like to hack your ACNL game, I would recommend watching a detailed video on it before you hack yourselves. The ram editor can also be found here.


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