B2B – Entry


…Well it sure has been Moe!

I finally got back around to blogging due to this year being really hectic due to school and the overdose on homework. My brain just can’t cope on the 1am night fuel I’m dealing with just trying to keep up on and well weekends? That’s a bye bye too… Anyway from where I left off; my town was possibly complete despite Candy, Tess and Rosa still need their poor little houses sorting out, it must feel like living in a shed for Candy’s bedroom cause she’s got nothing but storage up there I think 😆 I need to check on that… My mum also found my ACWW cartridge for me but the game refused to pop up on my 3DS a few times and when it did it kept crashing, meh. Good job I’ve recently found my DSi though, but the WiFi features for ACWW still don’t work? I’m so confused haha. Oh well.


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