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Hi all,

I’m sorry I was inactive for such a long time. How long has it been exactly? A year or more since I last properly posted?

Anyway, I’ve been dealing with personal problems since I was gone and my life got from worse to me ending up in hospital! šŸ˜¦ But after that I realised that I can’t just sit around and feel sorry for myself after everything I’ve dealt with in my personal life. So I’ve been pushing myself and making myself feel better about myself and it’s working! I’m finally getting better and believing I can do this and that I can get better! Although I still have some personal problems in the way that do affect my everyday life; I think it’s time to end this hiatus I had for such a long time and get back to my old hobbies that I used to enjoy.

So, first thing is first; I have been still reading and seeing theĀ lovely positiveĀ comments people still post on thisĀ blog as I check my emails regularly, so thank you for still being so kind and nice to me after this long hiatus. I also want to explain that I’m now using a new laptop that my boyfriend has gaveĀ to me to replace the old laptop that justĀ wouldn’t connectĀ to the internet at all! ItĀ was so awful and I just couldn’t use it to update this blog and use itĀ the laptop everyday for revision purposes. So hopefully I can update this blog every weekday or so. I am very busy with examinations at the moment, as I’m in my final year of school andĀ this year is the most important year of school and my life depends on these grades.

I’m hoping to update maybe everyday Wednesday when I can play moreĀ Animal Crossing. I haven’t playedĀ Animal Crossing since November 2016, woops… I’ve been addicted to PokĆ©mon Moon – it’s a wonderful and such an amazing game FYI! And I just didn’t want to play Animal Crossing whilst I was in hospital becauseĀ I didn’t have any energy unfortunately šŸ˜¦ But I’m better now and ready to get back on track!


Again, I’m sorry for not posting in forever and I’m ready to get back to blogging!!

-Mayor Kiki


I’m sorry that I haven’t posted on this blog in over a year.
The reason I have been a hiatus is because I suffer a few mental disorders called Depression and Anxiety and over the course of the following years, life has been so hard for me. So I decided to go onto a hiatus until I feel better, so every now and then I’d just play ac:nl to check up on my town. Quite a few of my favourite villagers left and my town was so unfinished and ugly. I hated it and I wanted to reset it because  I got so fed up of it. But I decided to re-landscape and decorate the town and now I love it ā¤

((Sorry for the bad quality photos,  I no longer have a computer to transfer pictures from my 3DS over…))


(My character, Sakura, blinked for a few pictures so I’m sorry about her looking weird in that photo xD)
I finally got around to finishing her garden now, and I’m really happy with it, she just needs her exterior finishing now and her house will be fully complete!


This is Sakura’s living space/main room. I wanted the candy furniture for a while now so I thought that the furniture series will match her personality quite a lot. On the floor I just have gems and sweets to try and make the room look less empty and more pretty. I like it that way šŸ™‚


This is Sakura’s actual bedroom which shows more of her personality,  and a bit of mine to be honest. Because Sakura is a teenager I wanted to give her a study space with a laptop and to have a nice pretty room. She has 2 teddy bears and a dollhouse to show that she’s still childish and cute. A radio to listen to the news. Plants as well to show that she’s lively. A picture of Kabuki (Japanese Cat in case you didn’t know) because of her best friend and a galaxy bed. (Fun fact: I collect teddy bears, I love anime, cactus’ are my favourite potted plants,  I pay attention to the news a lot and galaxy is one of the most painted pictures I’ve done in my GCSE for art)


Upstairs I just have my old Japanese room that Tess used to have back before I redecorated her home to be cozy and cottage-like. It’s more empty though because I can’t find all my Japanese furniture šŸ˜¦

And now to show off some landscaping that I’ve been really focusing on…








I will be updating my dream town tonight and my dream code is; 6200-2397-3562 in case you can’t find it on the search engine.

As for HHD, I plan on getting it when I’m more free. I don’t see the point on getting the game just yet šŸ™‚


Dream diary – Aika Village My theory BUSTED

Aika Villiage (2600 – 0218 – 7298) is a horror town in animal crossing new leaf. Discovered sometime in summer 2013, it has quickly became a massive hit in animal crossing history.
So heres my theory, based in recent updates.

When you awake to enter Aika, the patterns are fuzzy and you are given a present. Open it and its a Dolly which Aika recieves in house one as its her birthday. She places the doll in her toy room upstairs.

Behind roscoes house there is a blue pj shirt which is the fathers, and a pink shirt next to the pretty repeative statue with a mitten. Behind house one there is some blue roses. Its pretty safe to safe that in this time period of the story its perfect due to jacob ladders, carnations (which you recieve on mothers and fathers day) which they respents family and perfect peaches.

Throughout the maze, you’ll find a endless list of party items (I dug everything up in the maze xD), pitfalls, money (100bells), balloons and sweets, and skelingtons…

The maze has a twist, surronding the pretty statue towards the rear left of the maze, you’ll find money, which is buried, and clothes which belong to the father and yup, you guessed it, his skelington. The cause of his death is pretty simple. Throughout the maze if you dig up every dig spot, you’ll find 100 bells quite a lot, and theres a reason. Add the bells together and you should have around 5 thousand bells. Then go behind the town hall, and dig. Congrats if you found the famous mushrooms, and yup thats the fathers death. Its kind of obvious it was the fathers money, because the money is scattered around the maze. And mostly around his bodys resting place. I googled pictures of magic mushrooms, looks the same to me, and also the street value for drugs is around 5 thousand.

Behind retail there is aikas clothes, but her shoes are missing, her shoes are located on the beach, this shoes us that Aika has committed suicide by drowning herself.

At the graveyard, there is no longer dog houses, there are now dollys. Reflecting back to the last supper, maybe somebody who Aika betrayed was killed? I’m not sure with the dollys being buried. Outside the police station, there is Aika’s mother’s clothes and untouched body being buried.

Dream Diary/horror towns – Aika Village

I’m not sure if you guys have noticed by Aika Villiage is actually a active town. The creator updates the town almost everyday and Ive re-visited it yesterday.

Due to the fact I havent visited Aika in a while, I was still intrugied by my theory in Aika’s suicide. Hence seeing more symbolism, I have changed my beliefs in Aika villiage and I have a theory.

When you enter the town, there is still the beautiful statues, etc. The pattern on the floor, to the regards of myself, hurts my eyes. Maybe Aika struggled to see something? Aika’s house was decorated with gorgeous perfect peaches, carnations, etc. In japanese culture, perfect peaches represent something perfect. Maybe Aika thought everything on her birthday was perfect at this specfic time? Going back to the pattern on the floor, somethings not right. She’s missing something wrong, or maybe she already knows something? Im not sure.

The whole entire upper part of the town is almost completely isolated apart from a animal resident being there, the previous animal resident (I cannot remember his name -.-; ) lived here previously. Maybe the new resident has a better relationship with Aika’s family?

As you are walking towards the brigde, if you countiune to walk there is another statue, and a piece of clothing, maybe its somebody’s clothing?

You struggle through a maze, its covered in pitfalls, sweets, party objects. Aika must of uncovered a mask about something… regarding her house, the party objebts, maybe Aika’s birthday has changed something? The doll? Her mum?

The town flag is the mothed (still) and there is a wetsuit at retail and a megaphone in front of the town hall in front of the town flag. The wetsuite could represnt escape, trying to swim away from her pain. The megaphone probably presents trying to call out or get attention, its also located rear a nesrby graveyard (which is behind the police station) if you dig up the dig spots, its all dollys?

The police station is all beehives. A bees sting represents stings, and it hurts, so it causes pain. Aika is in psychial, or emotional pain at the this time of the story.

There is a dark maze now, on the right rear room, there is mystery bags on the floor, a fake and real statue, and owl clocks looking towards both. Based on my real theory it looks like the mother is acting fake and real. The family is probably religious due to the upper room, with adam and eve, and the bottom room basing on the last supper with jesus and his friends before he was betrayed and killed on easter. At the back there is all Aika’s toys being watched, including the doll.

The dolly reappaears with the axe. On the photo on the left, it shows a picture of aikas mother physically grabbing Aika. This is actually great proof thst Aikas mother physically abused Aika. And going back to the adam and eve, adam is real and the mother isnt.

The room at the back has aikas diary. All her pages was ripped out, as if everything was destroyed in her life. She is probably depressed, and suicidal.
Then is a very strong room as well, a piano with eggs from easter. Going back to the last supper, betrayal. Her mother is abusing aika. Her mother is cheating on her father. The family is tearing apart. The piano and eggshells theory is also strong here too, but I also believe that Aikas mother fkrced her to play the piano otherwise if she didnt she was betraying the family and disrespectful.

Then, the family house is there again, its messed up as if somebody has tried to find something in someone’s draw and left it a reck. Her mothers clothes have been cleaned, is she dead? Is aika finally at peace? Also there is only 2 chairs now, somebody has obviously gone.
In the back room, aika is trapped with the doll? Im not sure yet what this coukd mean.

Aikas paintings have been scribbled out.

In my opinon it seems like aikas mother has taken over the town, her flag, the statues of her everywhere, the abuss, the neglect and sins.

There is also suicide on the beach, this is resulting to aika because of aikas shoes.

I wrote this theory late at night, ill edit it later at day.

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Blogging – other project needed Completing.

Hey all,

I’m going to be posting/working more frequently on one of my blogs that hasn’t been touched since christmas last year in 2013…

Since that ‘Zeldamas’ for me is coming back up I though I’ll spice it up a bit and make it more ‘friendly’ I guess xP

I will countiune to reply and work on this blog in my own free time, however, I’m going to be working on my Zelda blog much more.

Here’s the link;

Blocked IPs and users will be the same throughout all my blogs now, including Nina. Anonymous users will be allowed as I am scanning IPs from everyone to be safe. (Note: I have been targeted from more then one person. Either Nina travels alot or I’m being targeted by 2 other different people…).

Let me know if you like my Zelda blog and lemme know what you guys are getting for your birthday! c:

Horror town – Updated.

Sorry guys that the horror limited edition of meadow took SOOOOOOO long to update! I was waiting for months on end for the sky wall but Amy saved me from cancelling the town and let me catalog hers! For a nice thank you present, I gave Amy my spare Freya’s pic and she attempted to give me one of her spare animal pictures, but I was totally alright with that. As long as I was happy she was happy! Enjoy the Freya’s pic Amy c:

Anyway, I’m trying to fix my tumblr that I will be posting on soon because my theme has gotten messed up (uh oh!), so in my spare time I’ve been trying to fix that whilst waiting for the Sky wall and decorating my town.

Anyway I’ve updated the town and it’s not finished so be sure to check out the time a little later on, I’ll try to catch up on updating it to check on the views and inform you guys on how much views I’ve got.

I hope you guys make some interesting theories that I could read and I could perhaps tell you if your correct or not c;

If you cannot find my dream code it is still the same old one because I update regularly; 6200-2397-3562. Have fun dreaming ^.^


Edit: Thank You for dreaming guys. It’s been took down now.