News – Sister Blogs

If you’ve been reading my blog recently you probably noticed that on my last post that I posted that I actually have two more towns called Ivory & Serenity & I also have backstories behind them just like Meadow did once upon a time. You can find them here.

If you look at the two pages for Ivory and Serenity then you will discover that there are two sister blogs I created alternatively for this blog, I wanted to only post about Meadow, my main town on this blog whereas on those two blogs I will be talking about my sister towns – Ivory & Serenity. I have created Serenity’s blog but I haven’t created Ivory’s yet *wip as of september 2018* but hopefully it’ll be up shortly so keep checking on the pages every now and then!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my other towns as a alternative from Meadow, I will be still posting on this blog as Meadow is far from finished but I sincerely hope you enjoy the hard work I’ve put into these two towns!

Also, enclosed below is my first attempt of a GIF, it’s far from perfect but at least you can see a sneak peak of Serenity’s windmill alongside the stars & moon which, fyi, is what Eclipse is loosely based on. Enjoy!




News – Onto The Next Project!

As you guys may or may not know I own two spare Animal Crossing: New Leaf game cartridges (three cartridges if you include my main one – Mayor Kiki of Meadow) so I have two towns that you can actually explore via the dream suite if you’d like to see what I’ve also been working on since I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging!

Ivory – Hacked Town

Ivory is a forest town which is a quiet village which resides with mostly cat villagers. Here the ground is mostly crispy, the weather is a relaxing downfall of rain. Ivory is covered in exotic green nature which plagues the town deeply as the whole town is littered in many trees and varies of plants such as Jacob Ladders, Clovers, etc. Be careful where you walk whilst exploring Ivory as there are some fairy circles hidden in the village!

About The Mayor/Residents

Mayor Fern has purple hair to match her outfit which she loves as she feels it matches her personality. Fern is a very quiet Mayor and she lives in the heart of Ivory, in the middle of the woodland village. Fern resides in a woodland cottage which smells like fresh lumber and perfect apple pie. Fern’s house is perfect to cuddle up and read a book in front of the fireplace as it’s interior is very relaxing and you’d feel drowsy as if a lullaby had just swept you off your feet, feel free to kick up your feet and relax as Fern’s if this made you imagination run wild.

Lily is a human resident who moved into Ivory shortly after Fern became the mayor and made Ivory into the famous woodland village it is now. She also is somewhat like Fern as she is very quiet and as like Fern, keeps herself to herself. She does like to go and spend time with her local animal neighbours and occasionally spend some time reading books with Mayor Fern whilst sitting in front of the warm cozy fireplace whilst eating perfect apple pie and breathing in the smell of fresh lumber from the firewood next to the fireplace that Fern prepared earlier on each day.

Ivory Backstory

Ivory was a isolated village until Fern adopted the town and enforced nature to spread it’s natural beauty which attracted tourists which adore it’s natural beauty. Fern is 18 years old and is the mayor. She adores natural beauty so most of her furniture is from fresh lumber she built herself and collects firewood herself from spare wood she used to collect to build her furniture with. Fern recycles whatever she can to keep to Ivory’s natural beauty to remain Ivory eco friendly so you will see Fern hanging out a lot near Retail to recycle her used items in exchange to recycle something else. Lily moved to Ivory shortly after Fern became the mayor and met everyone however she keeps herself to herself and is rarely seen leaving her house as she is an introvert.

Ivory is the latin word for the tusks of an elephant as the nature here is as strong as elephant tusks which brings tourists and attraction to the village, it also brings the residents together.


Serenity is a town based of peace and is the hometown of the star and moon residents. The queen and king are the gods of the moon and stars in this kingdom, the kingdom is truly stunning during sunset, nightfall and dawn. There is many secrets hidden in this village and there’s a surprise at every corner.

About the Mayor/Residents

(Mayor) Queen Eclipse is the goddess of the moon, the mother of Estella and also the widow of King Màni, she has navy blue hair to express the night sky, she resides in her main castle in the heart of the kingdom where Màni resided with her until his unfortunate sudden death. Her daughter is 18 years old and lives in a separate castle not far from where Eclipse herself lives, she is currently resigning her duty of ruling the kingdom and entrusting it to her daughter if she chooses to marry prince Orion who has recently proposed to Estella. Queen Eclipse has a very close relationship with her daughter as they became much closer following her late husband’s death which left Eclipse traumatised thinking her daughter could be next even though her late husband’s death is currently unknown.

King Màni was the god of the moon, the father of Estella and the late husband of Queen Eclipse whom is now widowed following his death. He was said to have an unbreakable bond with his wife and his daughter until his unfortunate mysterious death which left the kingdom in a deep depression on his funeral burial and since the news broke out as he was loved and adored by many. Will his family ever find out whatever happened to cause his sudden death?

Princess Estella is the daughter of Queen Eclipse and King Màni who are both gods of the moon and stars which also makes her a goddess. She is next in line for the throne as her mother is wishing to resign from her ruling duties since her late husband’s death which has caused her to want to hide away but only if she marries prince Orion she will become queen to overshadow her parent’s footsteps. She’s left her engagement in her bedroom in the box so will she say yes or will she refuse to overtake the throne?

Serenity Backstory

Serenity is a popular village based on the gods of the moon and the stars, the rulers are currently Queen Eclipse and was also King Màni until his sudden recent death. Their daughter is next in line for the throne but only if she marries prince Orion. Since the king’s death the kingdom fell into depression as the village grieved the king’s death which hit Queen Eclipse hard. Due to this, the queen wishes to resign and make her daughter, Estella rule with prince Orion if they get married. This puts pressure on Estella, making her feel like she has she to say yes to please her mother and the village. Will she say yes to make her mother and her father proud or will she refuse?


WiFi – An Eventful WiFi

Since my ex has started playing AC:NL we have been WiFing a lot with each other. I created his town pathways, his flag and I bought him GracieGrace outfits, we went to the islands to catch rare fish together and we played my favourite minigame together – the firefly catching tour!

Since his town is in summer and mine is in spring 2016 (My town was frozen whilst I was on my hiatus to prevent any villagers moving away) I can finally catch up on my summer encyclopaedia that he’s almost finished for summer. I managed to nab 10 Dorados, a few guppies, 3 piranhas and several other fish however I never managed to find a Arowana which I really need for my summer fish collection.

When he came to my town, it was throwing down heavy rain (not pictured below) and we managed to catch a bunch of Coelacanths! He caught his first ever but because I was sat next to him I accidentally pressed ‘let go’ and it went back in the ocean, however five minutes later we got another one! When he went back to his town it was late night and he managed to find a scorpion and a tarantula too. He caught both of the creepy crawlies *shudder* Well done!

The slideshow was screenshots from a while back but this was his first ever firework show and he enjoyed it and there are a few screenshots of my town even though it was a little messy when he came over haha.

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News – Catching the Coelacanth & Other Important Mentions!

finally managed to get my hands on the coelacanth whilst WiFing with mu ex in my town. Rod was in boxes and he recalled that he had Rod in his AC:CF (Or Lets go to the city if you live in the UK) and that he liked Rod so I let him adopt Rod. It was raining in my town and I thought to myself it’d be cool if we went fishing together as it was after 4pm as I knew there would be a chance that the coelacanth spawned in at 4pm; so we headed down to my beach and I saw a huge fish shadow. My thoughts were “Oh it’s just a sea-bass” but when I reeled the fish in it was my first ever Coelacanth! I literally screamed “OH MY GOSH!”, I was so stunned I couldn’t believe that the first fish I had caught just minutes after the time turned 4pm I caught a Coelacanth.

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I can’t believe I actually caught it, I’m so happy. Sorry if I’m over-exaggerating but I’m so so happy and glad that I’ve finally caught this super-duper rare fish!

Yesterday I unlocked my 2nd to last badge which was the balloon popping badge, I should of unlocked this badge ages ago but I am very very lazy when it comes to balloons and I personally hate the balloon furniture; I think it really ugly and I’ve never had any interest in collecting it so I never bothered with popping balloons if they only thing you get from them is either balloon furniture or a silver/golden slingshot.

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I now only have one badge left which is the letters badge that I never really bothered with either as I never really used the letters feature but looks like I’m gonna try and use that feature more to get my last badge!

A little Catch Up In Meadow

Since my last blog post I have unlocked a new badge and got silver on two badges. I unlocked the turnip badge (stalk market) and silver for the turnip badge too. I got the turnip badge by selling over 10 thousand turnips or something like that. I almost made 5 million bells profit by selling my turnips to my ex-boyfriend’s town of MayFall as his turnip price was 480 bells per turnip. I was so shocked I’ve never ever made money from the stalk market before because my retail turnip prices never go above 200 bells which really sucks. I also got a silver badge for my streetpass as I recently streetpassed with him which managed to get me to a silver badge, so thanks!

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*If you don’t know what streetpass is it’s basically where you 3DS/2DS is in sleep mode and you walk past another person who’s 3DS/2DS is also in sleep mode. If you streetpass with other ACNL players then you can obtain special items that you cannot obtain throughout the game like ordering them from Timmy and Tommy. If you streetpass with other players then you can obtain balloons, tweeters, ice cream and more cool stuff.

I also want to point out some also cool things that people may not already know…

  • If you have the Modern Clock PWP in your town, you may not already know what it’s function actually is. When an hour has passed (when your town tune plays) the modern clock actually turns into a rainbow hologram in the empty part of the clock. It’s actually really pretty.


  • In the welcome amiibo update, Nintendo added a feature where you can use items whilst sitting down now and you can now sit down on rocks. I think it’s rather realistic features and it’s pretty useful. The rock feature is a pretty sweet easter egg to discover too! (I decided to use Deena’s piano in this case because I always wanted Nintendo to add this feature in for some strange reason…)


  • When Nintendo added the welcome amiibo update, they constructed a campground to your town’s cliff. If you enter there, sometimes Harvey is feeding the birds, if you say “Hey Harv” to him then he’ll give you the item he’s using which is actually called “Beans” – which was only obtainable from Japan (Harvey only feeds the birds when it’s not raining*) Also in the campground at night you can do a campground dance if you press in front of the camp fire. You can also preform a movement where it looks like you’re warming your hands up in front of the fire which is also a cute feature Nintendo also added in.


Recently on ACC I managed to find a thread where you are able to obtain any ACNL villager you want for a price of 500k bells (which may be a bit pricey/ you cannot order Sanrio villagers like Holden and Chai as you are unable to adopt them). You can find the thread here. Due to that thread from ACC, I managed to obtain a lot of my dreamies such as Diana the snooty dear (pictured below). I also managed to obtain Cookie, Merengue and others. I plan on getting Chrissy hopefully next as I am trying to get Willow to move as I want Chrissy next to Francine.


Information – The Ram Editor & How To Hack?

The Ram Editor is a tool that any ACNL player can use by using Homebrew to hack their save files on ACNL to hack their game. I, personally, do NOT hack ACNL but I have got Homebrew installed in my spare 3DS as I may want to hack ACNL in the future. The ram editor can be used to;

  • Edit the town, such as the town name, mayor’s name, edit the acres/rivers/beaches/waterfalls and ponds.
  • Move buildings, rocks, and houses.
  • Change the town hall and train station colours.
  • Edit character’s names, gender, TPC, faces, inventory and rooms.
  • Edit your villagers such as the campsite (RV) and swap the villagers such as if I had Vesta and if I really wanted Chrissy you just swap them two villagers together.
  • You can do other cool things too such as get a tan in winter, put both police stations in your town, place the tree from the plaza anywhere, get all perfect trees in your town, change the grass type and even so much more like editing the island!

Before using the ram editor you should always create a back up of your save file just in case something goes wrong! You should also follow the instructions and FAQ when using the ram editor otherwise you may risk loosing your whole entire game.

It’s also important to mention that you may be banned from online features if you change the TPC picture or edit the island when using online features, so bare in mind when using club Tortimer and etc that players don’t report you.

To hack your ACNL, you’ll need the following requirements.

  1. (NEW/OLD) Nintendo 3DS/XL or a Nintendo 2DS
  2. Retail or downloadable version of ACNL (without WA update is fine too)
  3. Internet browser such as chrome, firefox, etc.
  4. Your 3DS needs to be at a certain update like 9.x or 10.x – pay close attention to when the ram editor or when Homebrew & Soundhax change their website as they make new updates to patch what Nintendo try to keep patching.

You’ll need to install the Homebrew launcher which allows the users to do amazing things such as use custom themes, play SNES games, play out of region games and so many other cool things! On the website, it explains what will you need to use and how to install the launcher. After that you’ll need to download an ACNL save manager which I’ll link here: AC:NL Save Manager

You’ll next need to dump your save file into a save manager. So you’ll need to open Homebrew, run the save manager, wait a few seconds, press to dump the save file then press to exit then turn the console off and put the SD card back into the computer. The next step is when you now edit your town, you’ll now need to open the save data file from your SD card with the save editor now. Once you’ve edited your town, save it and place it back into your console, go back into the Homebrew launcher and run the ACNL save manager, wait a few more seconds and then press to inject the hacked save file into your game then press X to exit the manager. Exit the Homebrew launcher and your changes to the game should be there.

Like I’ve said before ALWAYS make sure to make a copy of your save file as if anything goes wrong there’s a backup of your save file so you can restore your old save files.

News – Meadow’s New Dream Suite Code & I hack ACNL?

As older players of ACNL may know that the dream suite codes were reset when the Welcome Amiibo update launched back in 2016. Many players like myself was upset about the codes being reset, personally I was very upset as I had a lot of dream suite views, I managed to get over one thousand views, now that total is back to zero.

I decided to have a new dream suite code so that the readers of my blog and Instagram (@kikifrommeadow) can see the progression of what my town’s current state is like. My new dream suite code is 7B00-007A-7892, please come and visit my dream town and leave a positive rating!

Also last year (or maybe 2015), there was a ram editor that was discovered so that you can hack ACNL, these include changing the town name, changing the villagers to whatever villager you’d like, hacking items into the game, etc. I think hacking is very useful but I personally do NOT hack ACNL on my main town. If you’d like to hack your ACNL game, I would recommend watching a detailed video on it before you hack yourselves. The ram editor can also be found here.

Dream Suite – Aika village & my theory 2017 *spoilers*

Before you read this post, I’d like to warn my followers that this post may contain spoilers if you’ve never visited Aika village or heard about it before. I haven’t posted any photos to try and keep the spoilers down but I am going to describe it a lot and talk about some characters so if you haven’t visited the village I recommend you do before you read any theories or read my theory on it.

Last visit: 4th July 2017

Aika Village (2D00-002A-49A0) is a horror town in ACNL. Discovered sometime in summer 2013, it has quickly became a massive hit in animal crossing history. Millions of people have visited the horror town and written online their theories on the village and recorded their experience visiting the eerie village. I haven’t taken any photos/videos for you but I decided to write up what I saw and do some late night research on to what I think are the building blocks of the story of Aika village. If you have not already visited Aika village I highly recommend going to the village before you read my theory as you may understand what I’m talking about much better, some videos online may be very outdated as the creator of the village updates the village very regularly. I also read up online somewhere a few years back that the creator said in an interview that the true story is whatever the reader thinks the story is but I can’t find the original source or the interview anywhere to provide you guys with evidence. So let’s get into the story shall we?

When you first awake we are politely greeted with a present and a fuzzy looking pattern. The present contains a dolly which may resemble a mini version of Aika – kinda like the “mini me” from Coraline which foreshadowed that something dangerous was going to happen to Coraline in the future. As for the the fuzzy patterns , I think this is to do with Aika’s eye vision – this represents that she is suffering from a condition called myopia which means that Aika is short sighted. Not too far from the plaza we find Aika’s main house, a lot of beautiful statues, Jacob ladders, perfect peaches and a lot of gorgeous carnations. If you know a lot about Japan like me then you’d know that perfect peaches present a gift of gratitude as “In Japan fruit is a luxurious item, not like vegetables”. Carnations link back to the basic animal crossing guides, you can only receive them from mother and father’s day; the white carnation however is a crossbred flower from the red and pink carnation – I like to think that Aika is the white carnation as the parents has bred to create Aika. Jacob ladders also represent perfectness as you can only receive them if your town is in perfect condition.

Inside the first house, it’s just an ordinary family house, the downstairs house is a family room where Aika is celebrating her birthday. There is a table with three chairs surrounding it. On the table it contains the present alongside a cake, as we received a present outside, it’s safe to assume that the present is the dolly. As we go upstairs we find Aika’s little playroom which contains the same dolly she received she got for her birthday. Life here in this scene seems beautifully perfect as what Aika wants it to be.

Moving onto the later sections of the town, there is only one bridge to make sure the player navigates through the town correctly. Before crossing the bridge, the player can actually find some clothing next to a women statue and this is the mother’s clothes however; the mother didn’t commit suicide because in Japan people take their shoes off before committing suicide so they don’t stay grounded on earth and to let their soul free. After crossing the bridge, the player will find themselves in a maze full of bells, mushrooms, candy, K.K. Slider songs, fireworks and other items such as random items I actually dug up all the items in Aika village so that I could support my theory even more and actually find out why Aika dies later on. I think the reason why there is fireworks, balloons and sweets buried and dumped in the maze is because it may still be Aika’s birthday. The K.K. Slider songs are “I love you” which I believe Aika must have put there for her mother as she is currently on drugs and she misses her mother.

From what I found when I dug up there was a lot of mushrooms which reminded me of the drugs called Psilocybin mushrooms which are most commonly known by their street name of magic mushrooms, this drug makes the user have schizophrenic effects such as hallucinations in hearing and seeing things that are not real. These drugs also damage the heart and nervous system so if somebody overdosed on them then they could die from brain damage, a heart attack or a seizure.

From the last paragraph I think it’s the mother who is doing the drugs in this case as the mushrooms are always buried next to the statues which I think could possibly represent her. As the mother is possibly doing the drugs during Aika’s birthday. When Aika’s mother uses the magic mushrooms, she will experiencing schizophrenic side effects such as hallucinations (things that aren’t really there, like unicorns, dinosaurs and voices, etc) so her after taking the drug is like trying to navigate through a maze.

Outside the town hall we find the town flag which is the drawing of the mother that Aika created herself, the mother could be missing at this point because she must be very drugged up and she might not know where to go to navigate home. Around this area though there is a megaphone which means the mother is searching for her family or shouting for help as she might be lost, as the mother is on drugs she sees her daughter, Aika as dead (the graveyard full of dollies represents her hallucinations of Aika dying) so the mother is in pain (the police station full of bee nests suggests now the mother is in a lot of pain because bee/wasp stings hurt a lot) and the toy hammer could suggest that she isn’t afraid to get revenge perhaps or plans to avenge her daughter?

Aika’s third house shows exist signs everywhere in pitch black, I personally see this room as Aika and the mother trying to reunite and see each other but everything is pitch black and they’re both trying get back with each other so the correct path to choose is hard to take. To the left of the house is 14 dollies all eating in eating lovely looking food apart from Aika who appears to eating a spoilt turnip. This may symbolise that she is eating her own personality or is swallowing her throat and realises what she was before her mother suddenly left. The right wing of the house shows a demon statue with bat wings and a statue with angel wings being decided by a bunch of owls. There is Aika’s shoes, several mystery bags a rose chair and heart balloons. Has Aika met her mother and saw that she had transformed from an angel into a demon? The mother she loved who gave her red carnations on mothers day, who was lovely now had become a demon with mystery bags full of drugs. Upstairs shows the garden of Eden where Adam & Eve with the serpent and the apple are. Adam and Eve represent the mother and the father of Aika but the Eve statue is actually a fake statue, is the father cheating on the mother as she was gone from the drugs..? In the basement of the house there is a desert full of money and screaming gyroids, perhaps the mother is hiding the fact that she has a lot of money hidden somewhere to purchase more drugs or she has been illegally selling the drugs.

To the left of the town, the village becomes a waste site as there is just rubbish everywhere, the house looks like it’s been created with someone with their own hands. Inside the house is the maze with a dolly holding an axe as if it’s telling the visitors of the house to leave as soon as they enter the house. As if it’s telling you, you’re not welcome. To the left, there’s a random Sanrio room, perhaps this is Aika’s bedroom? The basement (which was originally a room which showed that Aika was actually raped in and gave birth to a baby in) has now became a cafe to show that Aika is still a child and likes to role-play in to show that she is developing intellectually. Upstairs there is a dolly starting at a static screen. All the furniture is pictures of the family together to show that the dolly is obsessed with the family being perfect as if the dolly is preparing for something? (I didn’t get time to check the right and last room I’ll check it in the future, but last time I visited in 2016 it was a piano and eggshells to symbolise that the mother wants her to play piano perfectly and that the experience was like walking on eggshells and the back room was a room full of ripped out pages with a diary, this might be Aika’s diary of her living in the shabby house or something) But then when we leave the house and enter the last house, the whole house is a mess, the back door is open and if we enter it we see that the dolly with a axe is in prison with Aika. From the south east of the house we can see a beach slope leading to the beach, using a wet suit we can go to an isolated beach not far from there but there is also a depressing part to the beach. There is Aika’s shoes that has been placed on the beach next to the water that symbols that Aika has committed suicide, now if we use a wetsuit, we can swim to the isolated beach to find Aika’s grave as she is buried with the dolly alongside a time capsule that we obviously can’t read.

By this point when Aika was imprisoned with the dolly I think the father was murdered by the mother as he isn’t in the destroyed house at the end, she must of murdered him when the mushrooms kicked off (like the mother tripping on the drugs/ she isn’t high anymore) and she became aggressive. She found out that he was cheating and murdered him and she became depressed, because she still believes Aika is dead she just overdoses on the drugs eventually and kills herself as she looses it (or perhaps she abuses Aika when she finds out Aika isn’t actually dead – there isn’t enough evidence however before the WA update from Nintendo – this may have been possible as the mother wanted Aika to be a perfect daughter as when Aika was playing on the piano it felt like she was walking on eggshells). From the magic mushrooms being a dangerous drug it’s possible that she may have died from a possible seizure, any brain damage or a heart attack. Causing that to happen it would of left Aika with a lot of grief anyway causing her to commit suicide in any possible situation, because she would of been depressed and wouldn’t know what to do because she was a child who would of turned to her parents for help.

I still believe there is a possible evil connection between the doll too as there is a fortune cookie (number 9) that brings up Majora’s Mask from the Legend of Zelda series when I was toggling with the maze. Could this be linked (no pun intended) to the dolly being left out there for something bad to happen? (For those that haven’t played Majora’s Mask, it’s where the mask has been stolen from a mask salesmen and the person wears the mask and evil events occur in a small village called Termina, these evil events even make the moon crash on the village within a three day time period so Link has to use time against his free will to save the village and to retrieve the mask from the character and to give it back to the salesmen in order to stole the evil coming back from the mask). I also found a golden axe whilst digging around in the maze two around the statue that I believe represents the mother so perhaps the mother did kill the father after all?


Like my theory? Be sure to rate this theory five stars out of five stars at the top of the post. I’d love to hear your feedback by commenting below! If you have any ideas feel free to comment them too, I’m interested in hearing your theories too! Be sure to check out Aika village too the dream address is 2D00-002A-490A


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B2B – Entry


…Well it sure has been Moe!

I finally got back around to blogging due to this year being really hectic due to school and the overdose on homework. My brain just can’t cope on the 1am night fuel I’m dealing with just trying to keep up on and well weekends? That’s a bye bye too… Anyway from where I left off; my town was possibly complete despite Candy, Tess and Rosa still need their poor little houses sorting out, it must feel like living in a shed for Candy’s bedroom cause she’s got nothing but storage up there I think 😆 I need to check on that… My mum also found my ACWW cartridge for me but the game refused to pop up on my 3DS a few times and when it did it kept crashing, meh. Good job I’ve recently found my DSi though, but the WiFi features for ACWW still don’t work? I’m so confused haha. Oh well.

Event – 1 year anniversary

Only one year ago I started WordPress and I never expected to have created a successful blog. When I first joined WordPress, I started on my story blog, creating stories every now and then at the age of 12 and here I am now at the age of 13, almost 14 blogging on this blog after creating 2 successful animal crossing blogs. My journey for animal crossing online started when I used to play ACWW all the time and I decided to make a blog about it. I discovered Mayu’s blog and I wanted to created friends online and then I had other AC bloggers follow me. Thank you for making the last year so memorable to me on WordPress, it’s a pleasure blogging online and making making friends with each and everyone of you. So here’s to a one year anniversary and WordPress and thank you to my current 16 followers, you’re amazing – each and everyone of you!