News – The beautiful town of Ivory…

A few years back I had my hands on a spare animal crossing cartridge that my mum original used for a back up town (storing rare items, etc) which is now my hacked town. It was originally called Meadow (like my main) but the mayor’s name was Gennie (as in Jenny but spelt differently). I worked on the town for a while for Meadow’s back up town by keeping my favourite past residents stored there such as Kabuki, Rudy and Olivia however when I heard the ram editor has came out I stopped updating my 3DS with the game card in so that I could hack that town. When I hacked it for the first time I was thinking about the town’s theme… I wanted it to be an autumn themed town with cedar trees everywhere, the ground to be crispy with a relaxing atmosphere. I am going to be sharing my ideas with you.

  • Fern’s house (formally known as Gennie) is going to be a cozy aesthetic cottage as Fern lives in the middle of a beautiful forest area. Inside her house there is going to be a lot of plants, a fireplace and just somewhere to chill where it’s very relaxing.
  • Kat’s house is going to be a woodland inn/hotel I guess? I don’t have many ideas for her yet but a hotel for a woodland seems like a really beautiful idea.
  • The whole town will be a giant beautiful forest, I will store Kiki’s hacked flowers on my island. I am not going to make this town perfect as I like how the weeds look like in the forest of my town (landscaping).

WiFi – An Eventful WiFi with Liam

Since Liam has started playing AC:NL we have been WiFing a lot with each other. I created his town pathways, his flag and I bought him GracieGracie outfits, we went to the islands to catch rare fish together and we played my favourite minigame together – the firefly catching tour!

Since Liam’s town is in summer and mine is in spring 2016 (My town was frozen whilst I was on my hiatus to prevent any villagers moving away) I can finally catch up on my summer encyclopedia that he’s almost finished for summer. I managed to nab 10 Dorados, a few guppies, 3 piranhas and several other fish however I never managed to find a Arowana which I really need for my summer fish collection.

When Liam came to my town, it was throwing down heavy rain (not pictured below) and we managed to catch a bunch of Coelacanths! Liam caught his first ever but because I was sat next to him I accidentally pressed ‘let go’ and it went back in the ocean, however five minutes later we saw another one! When he went back to his town it was late night and he managed to find a scorpain and a tarantula too. He caught both of the creepy crawlies *shudder* Well done Liam!

The slideshow was screenshots from a while back but this was Liam’s first ever firework show and he enjoyed it and there are a few screenshots of my town even though it was a little messy when he came over haha.

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News – Catching the Coelacanth & Other Important Mentions!

finally managed to get my paws hands on the coelacanth whilst WiFing with my boyfriend in my town. Rod was in boxes and Liam recalled that he had Rod in his AC:CF (Or Lets go to the city if you live in the UK life me…) and that he liked Rod so I let him adopt Rod. It was raining in my town and I thought to myself it’d be cool if we went fishing together as it was after 4pm as I knew there would be a chance that the coelacanth spawned in at 4pm; so we headed down to my beach and I saw a huge fish shadow. My thoughts were “Oh it’s just a sea-bass” but when I reeled the fish in it was my first ever Coelacanth! I literally sceamed “OH MY GOSH!”, I was so stunned I couldn’t believe that the first fish I had caught just minutes after the time turned 4pm I caught a Coelacanth.

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I can’t believe I actually caught it, I’m so happy. Sorry if I’m over-exaggerating but I’m so so happy and glad that I’ve finally caught this super-duper rare fish!

Yesterday I unlocked my 2nd to last badge which was the balloon popping badge, I should of unlocked this badge ages ago but I am very very lazy when it comes to balloons and I personally hate the balloon furniture; I think it really ugly and I’ve never had any interest in collecting it so I never bothered with popping balloons if they only thing you get from them is either balloon furniture or a silver/golden slingshot.

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I now only have one badge left which is the letters badge that I never really bothered with either as I never really used the letters feature but looks like I’m gonna try and use that feature more to get my last badge!

A little Catch Up In Meadow

Since my last blog post I have unlocked a new badge and got silver on two badges. I unlocked the turnip badge (stalk market) and silver for the turnip badge too. I got the turnip badge by selling over 10 thousand turnips or something like that. I almost made 5 million bells profit by selling my turnips to my boyfriend’s town of MayFall as his turnip price was 480 bells per turnip. I was so shocked I’ve never ever made money from the stalk market before because my retail turnip prices never go above 200 bells which really sucks. I also got a silver badge for my streetpass as I recently streetpassed with Liam which managed to get me to a silver badge, so thanks Liam!

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*If you don’t know what streetpass is it’s basically where you 3DS/2DS is in sleep mode and you walk past another person who’s 3DS/2DS is also in sleep mode. If you streetpass with other ACNL players then you can obtain special items that you cannot obtain throughout the game like ordering them from Timmy and Tommy. If you streetpass with other players then you can obtain balloons, tweeters, ice cream and more cool stuff.

I also want to point out some also cool things that people may not already know…

  • If you have the Modern Clock PWP in your town, you may not already know what it’s function actually is. When an hour has passed (when your town tune plays) the modern clock actually turns into a rainbow hologram in the empty part of the clock. It’s actually really pretty.


  • In the welcome amiibo update, Nintendo added a feature where you can use items whilst sitting down now and you can now sit down on rocks. I think it’s rather realistic features and it’s pretty useful. The rock feature is a pretty sweet easter egg to discover too! (I decided to use Deena’s piano in this case because I always wanted Nintendo to add this feature in for some strange reason…)


  • When Nintendo added the welcome amiibo update, they constructed a campground to your town’s cliff. If you enter there, sometimes Harvey is feeding the birds, if you say “Hey Harv” to him then he’ll give you the item he’s using which is actually called “Beans” – which was only obtainable from Japan (Harvey only feeds the birds when it’s not raining*) Also in the campground at night you can do a campground dance if you press in front of the camp fire. You can also preform a movement where it looks like you’re warming your hands up in front of the fire which is also a cute feature Nintendo also added in.



Recently on ACC I managed to find a thread where you are able to obtain any ACNL villager you want for a price of 500k bells (which may be a bit pricey/ you cannot order Sanrio villagers like Holden and Chai as you are unable to adopt them). You can find the thread here. Due to that thread from ACC, I managed to obtain a lot of my dreamies such as Diana the snooty dear (pictured below). I also managed to obtain Cookie, Merengue and others. I plan on getting Chrissy hopefully next as I am trying to get Willow to move as I want Chrissy next to Francine.



Information – The Ram Editor & How To Hack?

The Ram Editor is a tool that any ACNL player can use by using Homebrew to hack their save files on ACNL to hack their game. I, personally, do NOT hack ACNL but I have got Homebrew installed in my spare 3DS as I may want to hack ACNL in the future. The ram editor can be used to;

  • Edit the town, such as the town name, mayor’s name, edit the acres/rivers/beaches/waterfalls and ponds.
  • Move buildings, rocks, and houses.
  • Change the town hall and train station colours.
  • Edit character’s names, gender, TPC, faces, inventory and rooms.
  • Edit your villagers such as the campsite (RV) and swap the villagers such as if I had Vesta and if I really wanted Chrissy you just swap them two villagers together.
  • You can do other cool things too such as get a tan in winter, put both police stations in your town, place the tree from the plaza anywhere, get all perfect trees in your town, change the grass type and even so much more like editing the island!

Before using the ram editor you should always create a back up of your save file just in case something goes wrong! You should also follow the instructions and FAQ when using the ram editor otherwise you may risk loosing your whole entire game.

It’s also important to mention that you may be banned from online features if you change the TPC picture or edit the island when using online features, so bare in mind when using club Tortimer and etc that players don’t report you.

To hack your ACNL, you’ll need the following requirements.

  1. (NEW/OLD) Nintendo 3DS/XL or a Nintendo 2DS
  2. Retail or downloadable version of ACNL (without WA update is fine too)
  3. Internet browser such as chrome, firefox, etc.
  4. Your 3DS needs to be at a certain update like 9.x or 10.x – pay close attention to when the ram editor or when Homebrew & Soundhax change their website as they make new updates to patch what Nintendo try to keep patching.

You’ll need to install the Homebrew launcher which allows the users to do amazing things such as use custom themes, play SNES games, play out of region games and so many other cool things! On the website, it explains what will you need to use and how to install the launcher. After that you’ll need to download an ACNL save manager which I’ll link here: AC:NL Save Manager

You’ll next need to dump your save file into a save manager. So you’ll need to open Homebrew, run the save manager, wait a few seconds, press to dump the save file then press to exit then turn the console off and put the SD card back into the computer. The next step is when you now edit your town, you’ll now need to open the save data file from your SD card with the save editor now. Once you’ve edited your town, save it and place it back into your console, go back into the Homebrew launcher and run the ACNL save manager, wait a few more seconds and then press to inject the hacked save file into your game then press X to exit the manager. Exit the Homebrew launcher and your changes to the game should be there.

Like I’ve said before ALWAYS make sure to make a copy of your save file as if anything goes wrong there’s a backup of your save file so you can restore your old save files.

News – Meadow’s New Dream Suite Code & I hack ACNL?

As older players of ACNL may know that the dream suite codes were reset when the Welcome Amiibo update launched back in 2016. Many players like myself was upset about the codes being reset, personally I was very upset as I had a lot of dream suite views, I managed to get over one thousand views, now that total is back to zero.

I decided to have a new dream suite code so that the readers of my blog and Instagram (@kikifrommeadow) can see the progression of what my town’s current state is like. My new dream suite code is 7B00-007A-7892, please come and visit my dream town and leave a positive rating!

Also last year (or maybe 2015), there was a ram editor that was discovered so that you can hack ACNL, these include changing the town name, changing the villagers to whatever villager you’d like, hacking items into the game, etc. I think hacking is very useful but I personally do NOT hack ACNL on my main town. If you’d like to hack your ACNL game, I would recommend watching a detailed video on it before you hack yourselves. The ram editor can also be found here.

Dates – Four years of Meadow!

On the 8th of July 2013, Meadow was born. I have been mayor of such a beautiful town for four years today and I’ve put a lot of work into this town that I very proud off. Although I had doubts of the town and had thoughts of deleting the town and starting over I’m glad I didn’t and I’m happy with what I have now, although my town isn’t exactly what I’d call perfect to myself right now, I’m always editing my town; having new ideas, sharing ideas with my followers and friends online. Thank you for making the last four years such a pleasure to blog about as I love each and everyone of you and I love the game just as much.

Also I’d like to mention that I have a surprise in nearby future, as it’s July it’ll probably be finished very soon and available when I next post! I’ll post a few photos next time too!